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By bike from Saarbrücken
to Southeast Asia to the Middle East

Saving the planet by cycling

By bike from Saarbrücken
to Southeast Asia
to the Middle East

Saving the planet by cycling

Silk Road 2022

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My videos from the road and from my YouTube nursery: topics around cycling, bikepacking, travel and bike culture.

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Judith reported from her point of view in a weekly column in the Saarbrücker Zeitung about my bike trip

Germany must become climate neutral!

In the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Germany committed itself to doing its part to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. According to the current state of research, Germany must become climate neutral by 2035.

GermanZero calls on the new government to ensure more clarity with a consistent climate policy. The 1.5-degree legislative package provides the new federal government with a clear solution. 1.5 degrees are feasible! That is why GermanZero is pulling out all the stops to bring its #GutesKlimaGesetz into the Bundestag.

I am supporting GermanZero as a climate ambassador and ask for your support: Get involved with GermanZero and / or support the commitment to the #GutesKlimaGesetz with a donation.

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